Happy to be here

Introducing the most innovative, revolutionary, ergonomically designed paint pail ever produced. packed with features thatare simpler, easier and better for you.

This is the Painters Pail from Inpact Innovation.

Happy Tradies

“You’ll have a grin from ear to ear if you’re a professional painter/decorator.”

More of what you want (less of what you don’t):
  • Easy peel and seal lid.
  • A base grip for easy pour and with no gully, there’s no catchment or dripping.
  • Anti-skinning solutions and no rusting.
  • Can be recycled.

Happy Trade

“If you’re in the trade you’ll be happy about all these efficiencies:”

  • Increased wall strength means stacking 3 high against the current 2 in transit, and 5 high instore.
  • Efficient pallet configuration.
  • Reduced weight and resin saving of 5%.
  • Quietly eliminates noise on line.

The painters pail, you’ll never put it down.

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